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Abalone Gambas

Whether you’re looking for an appetizer, a main course, or a special treat, Barozle has the abalone gambas to make your meal complete. Barozle is the perfect place to buy premium-quality abalone products. 



1. Convenient storage (36 months shelf life)
Since it is stored at room temperature, it is convenient to eat while keeping it in any season or area.
2. It contains abalone meat that has been trimmed without skin and olive oil that is good for health.
Nothing to throw away except courage
3. As a side dish, snacks-fried rice, pasta, seaweed salad makes a great healthy meal.
Even if you just eat it, it is perfect for a nutritious snack.
4. Seven days abalone in one can, garlic and other subsidiary ingredients are abundant.
5. For those who want quick energy recovery, abalone with a high absorption rate in the body can enhance the taste buds.

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