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MARINECOS Collagen Sun Block Stick 15g UV Protection Whitening Blocks UVB UVA



MARINECOS Collagen Sun Block Stick

Blocks ultraviolet rays
It has the basic function of blocking ultraviolet rays with SPF50+ & PA++++ properties. In addition, It contains organic ingredients to sooth the skin.

Blocks UVB, Blocks UVA, Moisturizing, Skin-calming, Anti-Wrinkle

Lighter! Faster! More convenient!
Marine Collagen Sun-Block Stick

3 differing functions
Blocks ultraviolet rays + whitening + anti-wrinkle

01) Efficiently blocks ultraviolet rays
Contains substances to optimize PA++ properties to the skin. It strongly protects the skin from UVA and UVB ultra-violet rays without provoking the ski

02) Skin calming, anti-wrinkle properties
The use of organic ingredients has a skin-calming effect. Centella Asiatica helps to improve wrinkles through regeneration. The effects increase with frequency

03) Smart All-in-One Stick
It is easily applicable with the fingertip. It is strongly resistant to sweat and sebum. Frequent application will not result in dampening of the skin.

Smooth on the skin with strong ultraviolet properties
Marine Collagen Revital Sun Block Stick
- A strong sunscreen index
- Transparent formulation without the white cast
- 3 differing functions including whitening and anti-wrinkle
- The skin-calming effects of organic extracts
- Strong waterproof effects for sweat/water
- Mini-sized for convenient portability

Recommended for
- People in search for a portable product with sun-blocking properties
- People who desire sunscreen without the white cast
- People who desire the benefits of sunscreen, whitening and anti-wrinkle at the same time
- People looking for a sunscreen that does not leave a sticky residue
- People who experience a lot of outdoor activities such as travelling, hiking and golfing
- People who desire to apply sunscreen on top of make-up

How to Use
The final step is to twist the bottom to bring approximately 5mm of the sun-stick up. Apply on other parts of the body that may be exposed to sunlight radiation.
TIP. Gently pat on the surface when makeup is applied

Texture - Fabricated to retain maximum moisture
Easy-to-use Marine Collagen Sunblock Stick does not require the hand to become messy

Marine Collagen Sun-Stick Real Test
The finishing touch
It is absorbed by the skin on immediate contact for a healthy and vibrant skin

No white cast despite sweat/water Strong against sebum and water for a retained application

Special components of the Marine Collagen Sunstick
Skin-Calming Components

Centella Asiatica : Centella asiatica extract, excellent skin calming and regeneration through increased collagen synthesis
Fig Extract : Various minerals and vitamins to nourish inflamed skin
Ceramide NP : Contains ingredients to restore damaged skin cells quickly and regenerate impaired skin barrier. Additionally, calms itching due to dryness

Ingredients to calm sensitive skin
Chrysanthemum flower extract : The ingredients are certified for France’s ‘ECO-CERT’, excellent skin stabilization and anti-bacterial action to atopic skin
Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract (NEEM) : The plant, known as the ‘village’s chemist’, has been used in India for 4000 years for its anti-inflammatory properties

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