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Flatfish, which means wide fish, has been spotlighted as a delicious fish that there’s even a saying like “Even the place where flatfish sit is also delicious.”

Before flatfish farming began in earnest in Korea, the flatfish was considered as the best raw fish with Sea bream. However as flatfish farming began in earnest, it has become a national raw fish that can be enjoyed at an affordable price.

It’s a low fat, high protein food that is good for loosing weight and beauty as it contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and various minerals. With its light taste and chewy texture, anyone can enjoy it without any pressure.

Wando takes up more than 1/3 of Korea's flatfish production, and the entire sea area of Wando consists of elvan and mud flats. Due to the feature of elvan, it has excellent purification, affecting clean seawater in Wando, and it produces a lot of nutritive salts, so Wando's various seafoods have remarkable taste and nutrients.

Haesung International's Wando Flatfish Porridge was made by using Wando flatfish, sea tangle, and domestic ingredients.

Have a healthy day with Wando flatfish porridge, which you can enjoy the health of Wando, the clean sea capital.

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