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Unlike existing patches, Quintox Anti-Trouble Micro Patch boasts a dissolution rate closer to the skin because it has a micro structure. (About 80%) About 200 uniquely shaped microstructures of Quintox, which take into account skin repulsion, are densely arranged at even intervals and shapes to help with skin care.

In addition, it is made by focusing on skin soothing ingredients that help to soothe troubles. It contains madecassoside that can soothe troubles, zinc lactate that can care for sebum, and carnitine that can care for excess sebum and conditioning. It is made with technology that has a deeper needle than other products and does not break, and has a high active ingredient content of 4 mg. This is a product that can be used effectively.

It is possible to protect with hydrocolloid while delivering active ingredients to the necessary area. It has completed a skin irritation test and has clinical results showing an increase in the amount of sebum by 38%, and synthetic pigments and fragrances are produced without prescription.

About Company

  • 32, Deokchung 2-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea

  • tel +82 10-4443-0916

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