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Korean Pear and Balloon Flower Juice


- Sweet and nutritious pear and bellflower juice for children.

- Made from Korean Naju pear extracts and bellflower seeds which are good for bronchial health. 

- Item Specialty Checkpoints

1. We only use pure juice made by pressing whole pears to preserve taste, aroma, and nutrients.

2. We use the NFC juice extraction method which does not mix water so that it contains more pears and bellflowers.

3. To keep our children healthy, we do not add any sugar or preservatives

Product details

- Product name : Korean Pear and Balloon Flower Juice Pouches 80ml x 20
- Volume : 1600ml (80ml X 20 pouches)

- Ingredients : Pear, Bellflower
- Manufacturer : Aolda
- Seller : Kreassive LLC
- Storage : Keep out of sunlight and store in a cool area

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