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Governor's Greeting

Jeollanamdo, the land of life, boasts open fields and green mountains; a beautiful sea and vast tidal flats; and numerous islands and the longest coastline in Korea. The province is also home to priceless time-honored heritage and attractive tourism resources so that everyone wants to visit.


As a front-runner in future industries including energy and bio-health, Jeollanamdo is now becoming the center of Northeast Asia, capitalizing on the peace mood on the Korean Peninsula.

With the aim of building the 'Best Province in Korea,' Jeollanamdo is fully committed to revitalizing the local job market and economy; promoting cultural tourism that satisfies your five senses; making more livable rural villages that people desire to live in; providing customized welfare service to fit your needs; and innovating an administration system to communicate more effectively with our people.

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The Jeollanamdo Provincial Government will do its utmost to listen to our citizens' voices and respond

to their demands, ultimately ushering in an era of 'Happy Jeonnam that Changes Your Life.'

Thank you.

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