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You can improve the shortcomings of salt vulnerable to moisture and enjoy convenient and fresh salt in camping, delivery, restaurants, and anywhere in the home with a hygienic stick-type salt.
The premium sea salt 'lo' Flavor product, which is matured with a solution by grinding living things into premium sea salt 'lo', is packaged in the form of a stick pouch filled with nitrogen to preserve moisture, taste, and aroma. This makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere, camping, traveling, eating alone, cooking at home, restaurants, delivery restaurants, etc. From salt that goes well with citrus, strawberry, bokbunja, blueberry, salad, dessert, etc., to salt that can be used as a natural seasoning such as oysters, sea cucumbers, and anchovies, it is a product that you can choose to enjoy your own dish.
In addition to Truffle Stick Pouch, which I introduce as a representative, you can select 10 types of Stick Pouch, and you can purchase them as a gift set by organizing the product as you want.

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