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Mojito Bio-Cell Mask Pack

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Mojito Bio Cell Mask Pack
Product features (differentiation from existing products)
It confirmed the safety of marine collagen, no skin irritation and recognized effects in improving anti-wrinkle in clinical trials (22 women in 30s to 60s) through collaboration with KTR. This is an essence mask using eco-friendly bio cellulose sheets extracted from white coconut skin and raw materials matching with each product(revitalizing, hydrating). It includes low allergy royal jelly based on patented "cosmetic composition for skin whitening and anti-aging containing water-soluble royal jelly with reduced allergy" certified by Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer. It is a brand product that has concluded license contract with K-drama Mojito producer. The US Netflix invested 50% in production cost to produce drama and acquired the marketing power to advance into the North American market through YouTube.

Mojito - Combination of preserved ocean and refreshing mojito – Marine Collagen!
Marine Techno identified collagen as a catalyst to superior moisturization when added to soap. We synthesize collagen into soap, using our own technological equipment, with customer satisfaction in mind. Innovations to improves collagen synthesis has given rise to the mojito series

How does marine collagen identify as a skin rejuvenator?
Reduction of collagen biosynthesis is a natural phenomenon accompanied by aging To compensate such phenomenon, Marine Techno selects high-energy collagen particles to manufacture cosmetics consisting of natural ingredients Marine collagen rejuvenates the skin in a fast manner by intensive moisturization.

A gift from the ocean to the skin - Marine collagen with superior purity
Marine Techni’s patented collagen is extracted from fish-skin. The high-gel content is known to be beneficial in preserving collagen High energy particles, known to have a higher molecular weight, improves elasticity by hastening skin rejuvenation

Royal jelly – known as the food of Gods
Antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and vitamins found in royal jelly delays the aging process by enhancing immunity Regenerates collapsed skin barrier by complementing vitality to dull skin Ingredients, such as centella asiatica, in the revitalizing mask pack strengthens the skin barrier.

Ingredients, such as centella asiatica, in the revitalizing mask pack strengthens the skin barrier.
Centella asiatica : Centella asiatica is known to freshen the skin through enhanced regeneration The patented marine collagen from the clean ocean is known to increase skin stamina

Moisturizes the skin using the alpine plant extract in the hydrating mask pack
Nectapur + Pure Bud Eztract : Organic ‘nectapur’, also known as the drink of the gods, highly moisturizes the skin with anti-oxidant properties Pure bud extract, containing multiple shoots (birch, cedar, olive), strengthens and moisturizes skin barrier

Main Key Point : Moisturizing, Strengthened elasticity, Reinforced skin barrier

Ingredients you can trust combined by Marine Techno’s collagen
Experiments and patent registration regarding skin irritation complete!

How to Use
1. Remove the mask from the wrapper and evenly apply the mask. 2. Remove the mask from the wrapper. Removing the protective sheet on the mask reveals bio cellulose mask. 3. Remove the protective sheet on the opposite side of the mask after applying the mask to the face. 4. Apply the mask for approximately 30 minutes. Be careful not to tear the mask. Gently tap the remaining essence for the skin to absorb.


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