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South Jeolla Province or Jeollanamdo, is a province located in the Southwest of Korea, seeps in a community and history that is as rich as its beautiful natural surroundings. This is a Province that perfectly blends modernity and old-world charm, not just in its unique places but in the everyday life of its residents. It is also known as a land of intersection between the old traditional beauty and the developing technology industry. 

Jeollanam-do is an industrial city where Korea's largest petrochemical industrial complex and POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks are located, a mecca of emerging new energy industries such as smart grids, next-generation transmission, and distribution networks, and energy storage devices. In particular, Jeollanam-do has Gwangyang Port and Muan International Airport, the second-largest container traffic volume in Korea, which has greater potential for development than any other region in Korea. Possessing the third largest land area in Korea, Jeollanam-do is a beautiful place with 2,165 islands and outstanding natural scenery, attracting more than 50 million tourists every year. This province is also a clean area that supplies more than 50% of high-quality eco-friendly agricultural products in Korea.

Aiming to cooperate and develop innovation, Jeollanamdo is one of the provinces of South Korea to set up representative offices around the world, including Vietnam.

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Located in the South-Western part of Korea, Northeast Asia.

  • Gateway connecting North  Asia to the Pacific

  • Situated between Japan -an economic power, and China with the word largest market of 1,5 million people.

  • The endpoint of Trans-China Railway and Trans-Siberian Railway, linking the Pacific to Europe via China and Russia.



  • 5 big cities (Yeosu, Mokpo, Suncheon, Gwangyang, Naju)

  • 17 counties (gun)

  • 297 eups, myeons and dongs.


  • Jeollanam-do has the 3rd largest area in Korea(12,345 km²).

  • Owning the largest sea area (26,450 km²), the largest area of tidal flats (1,044 km²), the most number of islands (2,165 islands), and the longest coastline (6,743 km).


  • Jeollanamdo has a continental climate with a large difference in temperature between summer and winter. It is also a monsoon climate in which the rainy season in summer and the dry season in winter appears.

  • As the area facing the sea of Jeollanamdo is wide and the coastline is long, the characteristics of the maritime climate here are also strong.

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Jeollanamdo is famous for its clean natural environment, mild climate, clean and healthy water, global marine resources, and high solar radiation.



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