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CELLBN CELLXV Real Kelp Facial Mask



The most perfect recipe for invigorating the skin is a kelp.

King Qin Shi Huang, who dreamed of eternal youth and longevity, looked for Kelp in Korea. One day, King Qin Shi in China, who wanted to live long, ordered his subject to go to east and get a herb of eternal youth. At that time, the herb of eternal youth his subject got was Kelp, which was Commonly found in Korea. Kelp is called EARLY GRASS, which means Earth's first plant.
Alginic acid, which is found in kelp, is known to improve the water retention of skin and help cleanse waste. As the REAL KELP FACIAL MASK contracts, It sticks to the skin and has a firming effect. It also delivers rich moisture and nutrients to the skin and makes your skin bright and soft.

* The thickness and the color may be different by product since it is made out of 100% natural kelp.

[How to use] 1. Rinse and use toner to freshen up the skin. 2. Open the package and take out the upper and lower masks. Remove protection films from both sheets. 3. After removing the film, apply and adjust the kelp sheet to your face. 4. Remove the mask after 35 to 45 minutes. Lightly tap the remaining essence for absorption.


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