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Metal materials

processing industry


and ocean industries


Energy Valley 

Environment-friendly future car; car-tuning industry






Space Air & Aviation Maintenance (MRO) Business

Food & bio-related industries


High-tech ceramic industries




01. Diversification in the Petrochemical Industry

  • The new growth power through the advancement of the petrochemical complex and fostering the materials industries, based on the bedrock of the petrochemical production in the Yeosu National Industrial Complex and Gwangyang Bay Area.

  • Attracted types of business: chemical materials with special functions required for the production of products including electronics, automobiles, secondary batteries, medicine, and medical supplies.

Screenshot 2021-01-13 144540.png

02. Metal materials processing industry

  • The steel platform and precision machining-led metal materials processing industry has been fostered as a high-value-added business based on POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks.

  • Attracted types of business: magnesium alloys, carbon fibers, ceramics, automobile parts, bicycle parts, high molecular fusion, and compound materials.

03. Diversification of shipbuilding and ocean industries

  • Jeollanamdo has created an autonomous industrial ecosystem in the shipbuilding and ocean industries in the Southwest area, and diversification of types of business based on small and medium shipbuilding industries, centered around the region's natural coastline.

  • Attracted types of business: offshore plants, leisure ship construction, shipyards, and shipbuilding materials industries.


Jeonnam Shipbuilding Town

04. Bitgaram Energy Valley (Gwangju and Jeonnam Joint Innovation city)

  • Sixteen public institutions including Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korea Electric Power Data Network, and Korea Plant Service & Engineering have moved into Bitgaram, the only pan-regional innovation city in Korea. Bitgaram has grown as the largest energy and ICT integrated specialized industrial complex.

- Area: Around Geumcheon, Sanpo-myeon in Naju, Jeollanam-do (7.334 million km) 
- Project cost: 1.4175 trillion won 
- Planned population: 50,000 persons/Self-sufficient independent new city of 20,000 households 
- Relocated institutions: 16 public institutions including KEPCO 
- Investment:
+ Subcontractor and research center for relocated institutions 
+ Industrial-academic-governmental cluster sites (energy, ICT, venture businesses, software)

+ Attraction of private knowledge industry centers suitable for characteristics of ICT, and small&medium-sized enterprises 
- Advantages:
+ Integration of energy and ICT industries related to electricity groups including KEPCO 

+ Development of new products by utilizing the research centers and facilities of energy. ICT, and cultural contents 
+ Building support systems to foster customized human resources for the ICT and content fields


05. Environment-friendly future car and car-tuning industry

  • Jeollanam-do has built the micro-mobility ecosystem, including electric cars, and formed an industrial cluster related to car-tuning, included car improvements and high-performance car parts 

  • Attracted types of business: production of environmentally-friendly electric cars, bicycles, tuning parts, and high-tech car-parts.

Screenshot 2021-01-13 170334.png

06. Space Air and Aviation Maintenance (MRO) Business

  • Jeollanamdo has built the rocket R&D center and national flight test center connected to the Korea Aerospace Research Institute and fostered MRO businesses, based on increased small planes demand both domestically and overseas.

  • Attracted types of business: aerospace apparatus and materials, aircraft maintenance, air training center, airline operation, airport operation.


Jeollanam-do Naro Space Center

07. Food & bio-related industries

  • Jeollanamdo has fostered bio-related industries including food, biologics, bio-tech, and oriental medicine as future strategic industries by utilizing Jeonnam's abundant natural resources.

  • Attracted types of business: environmental-friendly agricultural and marine products processing, functional food, biologics (vaccines), and nano-biotechnology

Boseong 2.png

08. Bio-energy 

  • Leading the new bio-energy industry including photovoltaic power, wind power, tidal power, and bio-tech, based on natural resources including the most sunshine, abundant wind, and rapid currents.

  • Attracted types of business: wind power, photovoltaic power plants, tidal power plants, manufacture of hydrogen fuel batteries, biofuel, ect.


09. High-tech ceramic industries

  • Jeollanamdo has fostered the Southwest’s traditional ceramic industry and the higher value-added high-tech ceramic industries.

  • Attracted types of business: ceramics, functional ceramics, raw materials, and parts industries, etc.

Jeonnam Techno Park Ceramic Industry Sup

Jeonnam Techno Park Ceramic Industry Support Center

10. Logistics

  • The logistics industry, located in the exchange base of the Pacific Rim and Northeast Assia which connects China Southeast Assia, has grown based around Gwangyang Port, and the New Mokpo Port, Muan International Airport, and Jangseong Complex Distribution Complex in the Southeast.

  • Attracted types of business: the call and transfer distribution industry of shipping companies and airlines, distribution processing, the distribution industry.

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