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1) Garcinia cambogia extract HCA 750 mg
- Functional raw materials of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (suppression of fat synthesis of carbohydrates)
- Reduce body fat, including subcutaneous fat and visceral fat
2) King of dietary fiber, Purun plum (sub-material)
- Stop worrying about going to the bathroom and fill the day
- Good for intestinal health and full of nutrients through vitamins and minerals
3) Skate Collagen Peptide 1000mg
- Materials produced domestically and reliable by mass extraction of patents
- Average molecular weight Low molecular weight 1000 Da
4) Easy stick jelly type
- One pack a day, anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere
- Exercise helps reduce body fat

About Company

  • 205-7, Yeongsanpo-ro, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea

  • tel +81-61-334-0305

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