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MoRoots Hair Follicle Shampoo



Contains a large amount of natural extracts
- Huanglian Root Extract: Reduces skin irritability caused by harmful substances and external stress. Helps maintain a healthy scalp. Excellent for nourishing the scalp.
- Fenugreek Extract: Helps shine hair and prevents itching. It also prevents hair fall as it does not irritate the scalp.
- Polygonum cuspidatum root extract: Prevents hair loss and soothes the scalp. It regulates the scalp's immune system, providing energy for scalp elasticity. Also, it suppresses the production of free radicals that cause skin problems. EWG Grade 1, safe for sensitive skin.
- Clove Extract: It has excellent antioxidant properties that help fight the aging of the skin. Anti-inflammatory properties that have the ability to reduce inflammation. Optimized for scalp flaking and dandruff.
- Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Extract : Rich in protein, vitamin C, dietary fiber, etc. Especially, the protein structure of soybeans is similar to that of human skin, so it is excellent for scalp care and prevents hair static, making hair easier to manage.

Rich lather
- Yellow, chewy essence texture before lathering and light, dense, fine yellow foam when lathered.

Relieves hair loss symptoms
- It is effective in preventing hair loss and preventing hair loss phenomenon due to the extracts of spinach and cedarwood, which are good for hair loss effect.
- It is a reliable anti-hair loss shampoo because it has a patent certificate for hair loss relief and has been evaluated for hair loss relief by KTR (Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Convergence) and tested for human application.

Made with only natural ingredients without any chemicals, it is a mildly acidic product that is safe for sensitive and all types of scalp. It is also hypoallergenic. A purely natural shampoo.

About Company

  • 181-9, Jingak-ro, Hwasun-eup, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

  • tel +82-61-373-5957


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