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1. Product Characteristics and Benefits
1) Serum type of skin base : Skin Base is a serum-type skin base that combines skincare functions used for the first time after cleansing.
2) Strengthen skin barrier function : Peptides and plant extracts can help strengthen the skin barrier.
3) Enhancement of antioxidant function : The antioxidant properties of flavonoids and vitamins can help prevent oxidative skin damage.
4) Enhancement of moisturizing function : Peptide, essential oil, and hyaluronic acid can help strengthen moisturizing function.
5) Enhancement of whitening function : Niacin ingredients and plant extracts can help to whiten.
6) Reinforced wrinkle improvement function : Adenosine and plant extracts can help improve wrinkles.

2. Recommendations
1) Those who want convenient daily skin care
2) Those who want full moisturizing and fresh skin
3) Those who need skin care cosmetics suitable for sensitive skin
4) Those who need a serum or skin suitable for acne skin
5) Those who need to maintain skin whitening
6) Those who want to use skin and lotion in one

3. Product information
1) 5 major function enhancement : Nutrition supplement, hydration, Strengthen skin barrier, whitening, wrinkle improvement
2) Unique product features : Strengthen skin barrier, Increased skin spreadability, Strengthen antioxidant function, Use of clean natural ingredients (Using raw materials produced in Mt. Jirisan )

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